Why drive to Amarillo when we can help you right now? We're your affordable Walk in Medical Clinic in Dumas, TX serving Moore County and the surrounding areas. With prices like these you don't need insurance!

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All Office Visits $65

We accept Credit Cards, Debits, and Health Savings accounts (HSA)

Cactus Preferred Tier One Provider $0

Right Now Care!

Open 7 days a week
No Appointment Needed!

We treat your right now problems and get you back to work or school!

Also offering routine medication refills and basic labs and x-ray orders for cash patients and Cactus Preffered

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Upfront Pricing

Lab Tests and Injections reasonably priced and posted.

Local Care


Our Approach

We don't accept insurance but don't let that scare you!  You don't NEED insurance at Fast Care.  By eliminating the high cost of billing and collecting insurance payments we can SAVE you money.  Our low cost flat rate office fee of $65 is less than many people pay as a copayment WITH insurance at an urgent care center.  Cash paying patients at the urgent care centers in Amarillo see up front costs of $75.00, $90.00 and even $180.00.  Our injections and basic labs are priced at the lowest possible price.  We can't do everything an urgent care can do but come on by and we will help you anyway we can.